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Strategy Group

Strategy Group


The ESTA Strategy Group exists to develop and drive ESTA’s overall organisational strategy.

Committed to maximise the value for all of ESTA’s stakeholders the group is particularly

concerned with generating, maintaining and increasing value for ESTA members.

The group therefore relies on input from all members to deliver its remit and will pro-actively

reach out to existing specialist groups and encourage members to join.


The group supports an effective, professional and transparent approach to developing strategy.

It is tasked with asking simple strategy questions to carve our ESTA’s strategic priorities and

devise practical solutions to facilitate those.


Enable ESTA to become (and remain) the leading and trusted source of best

practice and energy efficiency and provide a true “one stop shop” for demand side

response solutions.

Chair, Strategy Group and Marketing Manager, Wilson Power

Lore Grohmann

With a PhD in genetics and neuroscience from the Technical University of Berlin, Lore brings a different approach to her chosen career of marketing. A German native, Lore has been Marketing Manager at Leeds-based Wilson Power Solutions since 2008. Driven by her vision that marketing can (and does!) help change the world, Lore has been instrumental in bringing the Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer to the UK enabling hundreds of organisations to reduce unnecessary energy wastage and costs. Lore holds a CIM diploma in marketing. Fuelled by a keen interest in organisational sustainability. Lore is currently extending her business skills through an MBA at Bradford University.