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Touchstone Energy Management Services

Touchstone Energy Management Services

Contact: Geoffrey Berry, General Manager Tel: 01252 338777 Fax: 0844 357 6930 Email: info@touchstoneservices.co.uk Website: www.touchstoneservices.co.uk

2 Lansdowne Road
GU11 3ER

Its a simple statement but increasingly pertinent, the fact is that the only way to really reduce your energy costs is to reduce your consumption. This doesnt mean that energy prices are unimportant but energy procurement is only one part of a bigger picture. The ideal is to attack on both fronts at the same time, which is…obtain the best energy prices whilst implementing energy reduction strategies.

Here is how we can help:

Our team of energy advisors constantly monitor the commercial gas and electricity markets to optimise best pricing based on market movements. In a complex energy market it requires time and effort to analyse what are the best rates and also control the switching process should you move to a new supplier.

Amongst Touchstone Energy Managements many services are:

tariff analysis
energy procurement
site surveys and energy audits
new connections for gas and electricity
change of tenancy procedure
long term energy contracts
comprehensive metering platform with scheduled reports
half hourly meters
high efficiency heating and hot water
multi-site procurement
group contracts
energy buying groups

Products And Services

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading
aMT online services
aMT software
Monitoring and Targeting

Control equipment and systems
Boiler and burner management

Efficient Plant, Motors, Drives
High efficiency chillers and boilers
Voltage optimisation
VSD Variable speed drives

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Building energy use
Data Analysis and reports
Energy audits and reports
Training and awareness

Energy Procurement Services
Contract advice and tendering
Fixed energy supply contracts
Online procurement services
Utility brokerage

Energy Services
Energy management services
Energy supply contracts

Lighting and lighting control
LED lighting

Electricity meters/sub-meters
Gas meters/sub-meters
Water meters

Renewables and Low Carbon Technologies
CHP Combined heat and power
Solar photovoltaic

Specialist Group Membership
Independent Energy Consultants Group

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