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Technolog Ltd

Technolog Ltd

Contact: Kelvin Moore Tel: 01629 823611 Fax: 01629 824283 Email: technolog@technolog.com Website: www.technolog.com

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Technolog has designed and manufactured battery-powered monitoring and control products for the utilities for over 30 years.

The Technolog group of companies (Technolog Ltd, Utilitec Services Ltd and Utility Data Services Ltd) is structured to deliver turnkey remote monitoring solutions to the water and gas utilities. Any successful remote monitoring project requires innovative and reliable products, excellent technical knowledge / training with strong IT skills, combined with a detailed knowledge of the GSM networks. These core elements have been developed and enhanced by the group companies since the introduction of Cello in 2000. This approach is unique to Technolog and is used throughout the world.

Our Cello GSM range of products has developed over the last decade to provide real-time data by SMS and GPRS whilst retaining a 5 year battery life.

Water Cellos are used in over 150 countries to provide data from water meters, critical pressure points and key customers, allowing intelligent management of the clean water network.

Technolog is a long-term framework supplier to many UK water and gas utilities. Our experience in frequent data transfer has been utilised for the successful completion of many high-profile projects; for example in Wessex Water Cellos monitored district meters and critical points during the Olympics. The Cello data was transmitted to a central telemetry system every 15 minutes.
Remarkably the Cello still maintains its 5 year battery life. This mode of operation places significant (almost 100x) load into the two load balanced data centres that operate at over 1 million messages a day for UK traffic and an additional 250 thousand internationally. The system enabled the clean water network to be managed intelligently during the exception demand period, whilst still ensuring all parts of the network had sufficient water.

Technologs products are used to monitor and control the gas distribution system in mainland Britain. In 2006 Technolog was awarded a contract by National Grid for a turn-key Automatic Meter Reading service for industrial and commercial sites based on the Cello 6. The installed base is rapidly growing and currently stands at 85,000 in the UK and 107,000 in France and the rest of world.

Technolog have been a long-term supplier of monitoring and control devices to water and gas utilities across the world. Successful long term projects are in operation in UK, France, Spain, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, France, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and many, many other countries.

The Cello family of products has become the industrys gold standard for remote monitoring of water & gas networks using GSM technology. Technologs Cello data logger combines an innovative usage of low power data collection and monitoring technology integrated with a GSM modem to provide a smart, cost effective solution with long term battery life.

Technolog are now one of the worlds largest collectors of machine-to-machine (M2M) data with over 300,000 GSM deployments.

Technolog takes great pride in the level of customer service it offers and has a team of sales and support engineers dedicated to industry. These engineers are available to offer advice and training both from Technologs head office in Derbyshire and throughout the UK, also from our Paris office. A network of distributors is in place to provide support to our overseas customers.

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