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Synapsys Solutions Limited

Synapsys Solutions Limited

Contact: Matt Gardner, Sales & Marketing Manager Tel: 01444 246128 Fax: 0845 680 0304 Email: matt.gardner@synapsys-solutions.com Website: www.synapsys-solutions.com

1 Woodlands Court
Albert Drive
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9TN

Synapsys Solutions’ systems reveal the operation of a building to its users. This insight helps our customers understand, improve and optimise how their building performs. Our products offer simplicity of use and ease of engineering, and by putting the users in control, we help to create more efficient, sustainable and functional buildings.

The SIPe energy monitoring solution uses an intuitive user interface to create graphical energy ‘dashboards’ which allow the user to view live data gathered from a meter network, giving instant access to the performance data that matter. Public information displays on energy use can also be created, helping foster energy awareness and promoting behavioural change. Energy data gathered by the SIPe can also be easily integrated and shared with BMS systems, building performance and monitoring platforms, and analytical and billing software.

The SIPp power monitoring solution, which gives data centres crucial real-time power performance data, minimising the risk of downtime, revealing ways to reduce energy usage, and helping achieve building performance targets. The SIPp system uses Synapsys’ intuitive graphic interface to provide insight into data actual rack power usage, the key to improving a data centre’s power usage effectiveness (PUE), with the option of full integration with BMS and other systems.

The new data acquisition SIP variant provides customers with options to acquire live data from their onsite BMS and share this data with remote monitoring platforms in various protocol formats.

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aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading

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