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Stark Software International

Stark Software International

Contact: Joel Stark, Managing Director Tel: 01293 776747 Fax: 01293 820361 Email: office@stark.co.uk Website: www.stark.co.uk

Sentinel House
10-12 Massetts Road

Stark helps organisations to eliminate energy waste, reduce energy expenditure and meet their carbon reduction commitments. We do this through providing smart metering, data collection services and an online data service that reports energy usage.
Since 1981, we have been at the forefront of developing powerful energy information systems. Our customers include major energy consumers around the world and all the UK non-domestic electricity suppliers.

Trading as Clarity, Stark is also an Elexon-accredited half hourly and non-half hourly data collector/data aggregator and an OFGEM certified gas meter reader.

Our full range of products and services include:
Smart metering technology for electricity, gas & water
Reality: powerful aM&T software system that gives you a detailed analysis of all your energy usage
Essentials: impressive M&T & e-Billing/utility bill payments software system that helps you keep all your utility expenditure under tight control
Meteor: fast and paper-free way to read meters manually
Clarity: top-performing accredited HH and NHH meter reading and data collection service
SavenergyOnline: market-leading, multi-utility online data reporting service
Utility Data Services: highly effective bill validation and verification service

Products And Services

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading
aMT bureau services
aMT online services
aMT software
Bill validation
Meter reading services
Monitoring and Targeting

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Building energy use
Data Analysis and reports
Emission assessment/verification services

Electricity meters/sub-meters
Flow meters
Gas meters/sub-meters
Heat meters
Other meters
Steam meters
Water meters

Specialist Group Membership
automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group

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