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Socomec U.K. Limited

Socomec U.K. Limited

Contact: Alex Metcalfe, UK Sales Manager Tel: 01462 440033 Fax: 01462 431143 Email: alex.metcalfe@socomec.com Website: www.socomec.com

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Socomec are a world leading manufacturer of Industrial Switching & Protection systems. As a company we attach great importance to the supply of the best products to suit the requirement. We place a great deal of emphasis on close working partnerships to ensure continuity in the quality of product and quality of supply. We feel we offer the most comprehensive range of control and protection systems available on the market: thanks to customised solutions adapted from standard products, our range is able to cover a wide spectrum of applications.

Measuring, analysing, monitoring, controlling, commanding, managing, signalling, communicating and protecting electrical circuits are the main functions of our products within the control and protection field. They can be integrated at every level of an electrical installation to optimise its operation and to satisfy the safety measures for the protection of property and people.

To monitor and manage your energy Socomec have developed industrialised and manufacturers a complete range based on two very comprehensive systems, COUNTIS for energy metering & DIRIS for monitoring and managing installations.

Products And Services

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading
aMT software
Meter reading services
Monitoring and Targeting

Control equipment and systems
BEMS Building energy management systems
BEMS supervisory software

Electricity meters/sub-meters

Specialist Group Membership
automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group

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