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NetThings Limited

NetThings Limited

Contact: Terry Hawksby Tel: 0131 331 5445 Email: terry.hawksby@netthings.co.uk Website: www.netthings.co.uk

14 New Mart Road
EH14 1RL

Founded in December 2006, NetThings, is at the forefront of the energy display market helping businesses understand their energy consumption and encouraging the behaviour change that reduces carbon emissions and cuts energy bills.

With ever-increasing energy costs Ewgeco can make a real difference. Most companies are missing at least 10% energy savings due to lack of staff awareness. Employee energy engagement (EEE) is the key to unlocking this and with the deployment of real-time energy monitors, such as Ewgeco’s IPDs (In-Premises Display), tangible savings are possible.

In an independent study carried out by Napier University, Ewgeco has also been proven to save users an average of 27%.

Multi-award winning, the Ewgeco energy display system brings consumption data out of the utility cupboard and into the sight of users giving them immediate control over their consumption.

The NetThings® system was the first in the world with the unique ability to monitor three utilities per system (any combination of electricity, water, gas and micro-generation) and its engaging traffic light system makes energy consumption easy to understand.

Further analysis of historical energy usage is available via MyEwgeco, the free online data portal, that is available to all Ewgeco customers. The data is also available straight from the unit’s memory if you don’t have access to the internet.

The NetThings® system is designed and manufactured in Scotland, and is being rolled out in businesses, educational facilities and housing developments across the UK making a lasting impact on the finances and carbon footprint of its many customers.

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