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IVEES® Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings

IVEES® Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings

Contact: Rajvant Nijjhar, Director Tel: 07989 407426 Email: info@ivees.co.uk Website: www.ivees.co.uk

144 Hamilton Road

IVEES® Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings, is a consultancy solely dedicated to providing measurement and verification (M&V) services for energy retrofit projects.

Third party verification of savings minimises investment risk and unlocks the potential for financial support. In an era where the Green Deal and other energy retrofit financing schemes are increasingly coming to the fore, measurement and verification of savings is essential in ascertaining real return on investment.

We use the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol – IPMVP. The protocol may also be specified in Energy Performance Contracting as a recognised methodology for ascertaining energy efficiency savings. Being independent provides assurance that savings claimed are accurately measured and verified so that all parties, be it the end client, investor, ESCO, contractor, FM provider or business planning manager, can be assured of the legitimacy of savings in energy efficiency retrofit projects.

IVEES® Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings is owned and operated by Rajvant Nijjhar, a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and engineer with 15 years experience expanding across building services, construction, FM, water, energy and sustainability.

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