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Enistic Ltd

Enistic Ltd

Contact: Paul Willett, Sales Manager Tel: 0844 875 1600 Email: sales@enistic.com Website: www.enistic.com

4 Isis Business Centre
Pony Road

Enistic energy management systems identify wastage, save energy and reduce costs. Our cloud based software portal gathers information from all sensors and meters. This allows you to monitor and understand your energy usage so you can analyse consumption patterns, identify areas of waste and allocate costs accurately. You can fully understand and control your energy by understanding the drivers behind energy demand and operational cost, then enjoy cost savings though operational optimisation, often providing significant reductions in energy usage.

Enistic designs and manufactures its own range of smart-meters and energy management software. Our meters, monitors and software lead the way in Energy Management Solutions: Automatic Monitoring and Targeting, and Measurement and Verification. UK designed, manufactured and developed to save energy, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions, we support our customers in managing their facilities expertly and efficiently. Established in 2009, we have implemented energy saving systems in organisations throughout the world; from start-ups to global giants. Boasting innovative technology our tried-and-tested systems provide a real time, flexible and customisable energy management solution. Good energy management typically results in savings of 5%-25%, with typical payback periods of two years or less, across a diverse range of companies. It is not unusual to save 5%-10% with just minimal capital expenditure. Enistics aM&T solution and systems are Carbon Trust Approved.

With headquarters in Oxford and subsidiaries throughout Europe, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, we have a strong global presence. Our systems are distributed worldwide and are fully scalable and tailor-made to suit each organisation’s requirements.

Products And Services

Control equipment and systems
BEMS Building energy management systems
BEMS supervisory software
Refrigeration control
Sensors, valves and actuators

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Building energy use
Data Analysis and reports
Emission assessment/verification services
Energy audits and reports
Information service provider
Training and awareness

Energy Services
Energy management services
System design and installation

Electricity meters/sub-meters
Other meters
Portable meters

Product on Energy Technology List
ETL aMT Portable Energy Monitoring Equipment
ETL Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Systems

Specialist Group Membership
automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group

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