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Energy Assets Limited

Energy Assets Limited

Contact: Energy Assets Limited Tel: 01506 405405 Fax: 01506 416629 Email: sales@energyassets.co.uk Website: www.energyassets.co.uk

6 Almondsvale Business Park
Almondsvale Way
EH54 6GA

Energy Assets provides metering and related services in the I&C segment of the UK utility market and is the largest independent provider of I&C gas metering services in the UK.

The Group which includes Bglobal Metering offers utility suppliers and end-user consumers of gas, electricity and water a broad spectrum of metering services from the provision and management of new and replacement meters through its MAM, MOP and DC DA Services divisions to the procurement and project management of related infrastructure works, the collection and provision of consumption data through the Groups AMR service, and the control of electrical loads through its Z-LYNK system.

The Energy Assets Multi-utility with Control service (MU&C) puts the Energy Manager at the heart of their utility consumption. Cutting the operational and maintenance overheads of a building by seizing control of local loads such as water, lighting, heating and ventilation.

Energy Assets is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange www.energyassets.co.uk

Products And Services

Accredited Services
Ofgem Approved Meter Asset Manager (Gas)

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading
aMT online services
Meter reading services

Gas meters/sub-meters
Water meters

Specialist Group Membership
automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group

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