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Energen Limited

Energen Limited

Contact: Mike Harbord, Director Tel: 01895 271000 Fax: 01895 271000 Email: mikeharbord@energen.co.uk Website: www.energen.co.uk

Brunel Science Park

Energen provide Independent Energy Management Consultancy Services to industrial and commercial consumers of energy (electricity, gas, oil and water). Energen aim to reduce consumptions and cost of energy by providing the following services:
Utility purchasing - Tendering tariff and analysis (inc. half-hour data) and negotiations
Group purchasing - Competitive tendering and analysis as above, but with prospect of volume and group discount
Invoice verification - Actual invoices are checked against meter reads half-hour data and the prevailing tariff to identify discrepancies
Monitoring and targeting - Monitoring consumption and costs against pre-determined targets, with report periods coinciding with utility supply dates or accounting periods
Management reports - Individual and group reporting of costs and consumptions in accordance with client requirements
Surveys - Site visits and audits to identify inefficient use of energy
Energy Management - Verification of metered consumptions, logging half-hour data, reactive power measurement, sub-metering and reporting Energen service a wide ranging blue-chip client base, all of whom have benefited from considerable cost reductions in their energy bills and improved energy management.

Products And Services

Accredited Services
CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant
Energy Assessor: Display Energy Certificates

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
Bill validation
Monitoring and Targeting

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Building energy use
Data Analysis and reports
Emission assessment/verification services
Energy audits and reports
Energy policy and strategy

Energy Procurement Services
Contract advice and tendering
Market analysis and advice
Utility brokerage

Energy Services
Energy management services

Specialist Group Membership
Independent Energy Consultants Group

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