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Contact: Julian Kay, Managing Director Tel: 01249 443377 Fax: 01249 443388 Email: sales@danlers.co.uk Website: www.danlers.co.uk

DANLERS Business Centre
Vincients Road
SN14 6NQ

DANLERS range of products include:
Occupancy Switches for convenience and energy saving
Photocell Switches for indoor or outdoor control of lighting
Dimmer Switches
Remote Controls with multiple channel facilities
Time Lag Switches
Combinations of timers and photocells are available
Product ranges and features include: Wall Mounted 2 Wire controls enabling existing wall switches to be replaced without altering wiring; Ceiling Mounted Controls installable by using a simple plug and socket system; Consultancy advice on control systems. DANLERS electronic switches are suitable for the control of lighting and other equipment in residential and commercial buildings.

DANLERS design and manufacture their own products.

Products And Services

Control equipment and systems
Stand alone HVAC controls

Lighting and lighting control
BEMS integrated lighting control
Daylight linking - switching / dimming
Occupancy control
Remote wireless lighting controls
Scene setting
Stand alone lighting controls [timers; dimmers]

Product on Energy Technology List
ETL Lighting Controls

Specialist Group Membership
Lighting and Energy Saving Controls Group

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