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CP Electronics

CP Electronics

Contact: Mike Brooks Tel: +44(0)333 900 0671 Fax: +44(0)333 900 0674 Email: marketing@cpelectronics.co.uk Website: www.cpelectronics.co.uk

Brent Crescent
NW10 7XR

CP’s philosophy is to design, develop, manufacture and support world-class lighting controls. It also seeks to bring innovation, quality and expertise to a wide range of markets throughout the world, working with any light-source, any building, and any space.

CP Electronics have 50 patents within its product range - significantly higher than the industry average. Core products range from single standalone detectors to fully addressable lighting control systems.

CP’s Standalone lighting controls offer flexible cost-effective and simple solutions for building occupants. Lights can automatically switch on, off or dimmed depending on occupancy, and natural (free) light available. CP’s standalone range mainly uses Microwave or PIR (Passive Infrared) technology.

CP’s networked and addressable energy controls work to the same principles, but with increased intelligence and remote or central operation. Typically, lighting protocols used are DALI, DSI, Wireless and RS232. Energy measurement (of individual lights) is also a CP patented feature which can report back to a ’front end’ PC.

Geographic Coverage: All UK and Worldwide
Member organisation: CP Electronics Limited
Status: Registered in England 01020616
Membership number: 0104

Products And Services

Control equipment and systems
BEMS Building energy management systems
BEMS supervisory software
Intelligent HVAC controllers
Sensors, valves and actuators
Stand alone HVAC controls

Energy Services
System design and installation

Lighting and lighting control
Daylight linking - switching / dimming
Lighting control network systems
Occupancy control
Remote wireless lighting controls
Scene setting
Stand alone lighting controls [timers; dimmers]

Product on Energy Technology List
Lighting Controls

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