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Essential Control Ltd

Essential Control Ltd

Contact: John Fisher Tel: 0161 302 5705 Email: info@essentialcontrol.co.uk Website: www.essentialcontrol.co.uk

Edison House
2 Daniel Adamson Road

Combined BMS/aM&T Solutions
Proprietary energy control, monitoring and metering technology that complements our customers energy, CO2 savings, legislative compliance and comfort control objectives. Flexible and fully scalable solution.

BEMS Finance
Guaranteed Energy Savings. Our all-inclusive rental model, funded from the savings made from day one, offers a fully managed solution; replacement parts, site visits, ongoing energy audits.

Improve Performance and Productivity
The systems allow for perfect comfort control, supporting staff requirements and optimising buying conditions for customers.

Dedicated Technical Support Line
Our in-house technical energy experts are on-hand to advise on all aspects of your energy management system. Our national team of expert engineers are able to diagnose and frequently fix faults remotely, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Live Cloud-Based E-Vision Platform
The customisable interactive dashboard with BMS and metering data, enabling further improved energy savings and identification of potential system faults.

Monitoring Hardware and Software
We provide peace of mind that the system is easy to operate, fully tamper-proof, updated, maintained and managed elsewhere. Alarms can be set for usage and exception.

Secure Unlimited Data Management
Managed remotely via cloud control, access real-time and historical data, supporting live efficiency calculations from multiple sources (EMAGINE pulse, MBUS or MODBUS meters, imported FTP files).

Consumption and Performance Reporting
Fully customisable branded reporting automatically delivered. Drive improvements, reduce downtime, implement league tables and identify ways to participate in Demand-Side Management solutions.

Geographic Coverage
Member organisation: Essential Control Ltd
Status: Registered in England 03104919

Products And Services

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading
aMT bureau services
aMT online services
aMT software
Meter reading services
Monitoring and Targeting

Control equipment and systems
BEMS Building energy management systems
BEMS supervisory software

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Data Analysis and reports

Energy Services
BEMS bureau services
BEMS maintenance/improvement
Energy management services

Electricity meters/sub-meters

Specialist Group Membership
automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group

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