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Sycous Limited

Sycous Limited

Contact: Luke Chambers, Director Tel: 0113 457 5536 Email: info@sycous.com Website: www.sycous.com

Leeds Innovation Centre 103 Clarendon Road LEEDS LS2 9DF

Wouldn’t it be good if you could administer your own energy network easily, effectively and in house? No long, expensive service contracts. No middlemen. All the support you need. No hassle.

Here at Sycous we work hard developing products and software that make this a reality. We measure, we automate, and we enhance every process we can, from metering right through to billing.

With our flagship web application, you can manage the billing for your energy network whether it’s a single building or an entire city. From any device, anywhere, anytime. We make sure your metering data is validated against essential conditions, as well as any parameters you need individually.

But we know it’s not all about you, it’s about your consumers too. We give you an extensive CRM system so you can deliver the great customer service your customers are used to. We give them their own logins so they can monitor their own consumer accounts, access their own data, and receive e-bills.

We’ve even been working on a research study with the Department of Energy and Climate Change to see what different methods we can use to help consumers reduce their own consumption. Better for their wallets, better for the environment.

Best of all it’s ever evolving. We make regular changes to our application so it works most effectively for you. We listen to our customers to make the changes you want. And every change we make is available immediately to you and your consumers, at no extra cost.

Unlock the potential of your metering with Sycous so you can concentrate on the important things… looking after your consumers.

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Member organisation: Sycous Limited
Status: Registered in England 08836039
Membership number: 1512

Products And Services

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
AMR automatic meter reading
Bill validation
Meter reading services

Billing Software
Administration and billing software

Control equipment and systems
Integration software

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Data Analysis and reports

Electricity meters/sub-meters
Flow meters
Gas meters/sub-meters
Heat meters
Other meters
Portable meters
Water meters/sub meters

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