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Contact: Mike Davies Managing Director Tel: 07971 514685 Email: connection@4prime.co.uk Website: www.4prime.co.uk#esta

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The key to reducing energy costs is understanding the details of the industry’s charging structure. Gaining this understanding, permits projects aimed at reducing energy costs to be designed to maximise return on investment and to negotiate energy supply agreements, which will minimise costs.

4prime has software which takes care of the complexities of the energy industry’s charging structure and has been applied across a range of projects which include:

£130,000 cost saving on electricity by running an existing emergency generator three hours per day.
Reduction of annual electricity consumption by 7% yielded 27% cost savings.
Value for money assessment of an existing CHP plant revealed a potential £2million annual cost saving by purchasing electricity and gas directly.
10% cost saving during tendering for energy supplies by revealing supplier’s hidden profits buried within the complexities of the industry charging structures.

The objective of 4prime is to provide the tools and training required for clients to undertake their own tendering and value for money reviews of existing or proposed energy projects.
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