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Contact: Vilnis Vesma, Managing Director Tel: 01531 821350 Fax: 0871 750 3619 Email: sales@vesma.com Website: www.vesma.com

The Pound House
Market Square
GL18 1PS

Vilnis Vesma provides advice, information and other support on aspects of energy management such as motivation, awareness and training, and has particular expertise in the analysis and presentation of energy data. Allied to his expertise in energy monitoring and targeting, he provides degree-day data on subscription.

Products And Services

Accredited Services
CMVP® Measurement Verification Professional
Energy Institute Registered Consultant

aMT automatic Monitoring and Targeting
Monitoring and Targeting

Energy Advice and Consultancy
Data Analysis and reports
Energy policy and strategy
Information service provider
Training and awareness

Specialist Group Membership
Independent Energy Consultants Group

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