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Independent Energy Consultants Group


The Independent Energy Consultants Group (IECG)

IECG members provide the expertise to assist organisations with all aspects of energy procurement, management, standards and legal compliance.

They have no exclusive commercial relationships with any utility or equipment suppliers and therefore provide the best independent advice.


IECG member services include:

Energy Procurement


  • purchasing;
  • invoice validation;
  • historic invoice audits


Energy management

  • Energy/carbon reduction policy and strategy;
  • Energy audits to identify energy/carbon reduction opportunities;

Implementation of ISO 50001


  • Feasibility studies;
  • Project implementation from funding and tendering support to commissioning;
  • Energy Savings Verification (ISO 50015 and IPMVP);
  • Monitoring and targeting;
  • Training;
  • Implementation of routine energy reporting schemes;
  • Operational improvement including controls optimisation and re-commissioning;
  • Software development;
  • Thermal Modelling & Imaging


Support with Energy Standards:

  • ISO 50000 series;

Compliance with Energy Legislation:

  • Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS);
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC);
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS);
  • Climate Change Agreements (CCA);
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs);
  • Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD);
  • Air Conditioning Inspections (CIBSE TM44);
  • Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment
  • Method (BREEAM)


IECG aims to become the UK’s largest independent Energy Consultancy collective, providing best practice services and advice to energy consumers and furthering the implementation of company-wide energy strategies. Currently, the group has 23 members ranging from sole traders to multi-national organisations.


Members are expected to support and promote the aims of the IECG.

IECG members are encouraged to collaborate with others in the Association with a view to complementing each other’s business.

Members’ involvement with outside organisations, associations and societies whose aims are reduction in energy consumption is actively encouraged.

The group Chairman is charged with the task of monitoring the progress of the set targets and reporting back to group members and ESTA Council at the earliest opportunity.

Chair, IECG and Managing Director JRP Solutions Ltd

Jes Rutter

Jes is Managing Director of energy specialists, JRP Solutions Ltd and a recognised UK expert in improving the effectiveness of energy use, particularly within industrial process environments. Jesís 33 years in energy management, much of which has focused upon the analysis, effectiveness and improvement of energy generation and use, has been successfully used to develop and implement practical tailored solutions for and on behalf of private and public organisations in sectors including food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, engineering and health. Most recently, he has helped a global power systems manufacturer to implement FM and energy solutions valued at £40M per annum, reducing their energy consumption since 2003 by over 30% against a backdrop of a 40% increase in production. Apart from having significant expertise and experience in energy management, Jes is a recognised figure in the industry, and was recently appointed chair of the ESTA Independ Energy Consultants Group. Jes was closely involved with DECC in the roll-out of ESOS and was invited by DECC to contribute to the Governments development of energy efficiency policy for business. He has given many presentations for DECC and others on the topic of ESOS, energy management and behavioural change.

Vice Chair, IECG and Director, Swan Energy

Andrew Park

Andrew Park has around 40 years experience in the energy industry. Having started his career as a plant and shift engineer for Pilkington Glass and Chloride Lorival, Andrew became Energy Manager for Asda Stores Ltd in 1979, a position he then held for 16 years, achieving official accreditation of Asda as an energy efficient organisation in December 1993, one of only 16 organisations nationally to achieve this recognition at that time. He was also a member of the 100kW Steering Committee of the Electricity Pool of England and Wales, representing the views of all consumers nationally. In 1999, Andrew set up an independent energy and carbon management consultancy, Swan Energy Limited. Today Swan Energy is an established organisation providing independent consultancy services to the public and private sector, specialising in climate change legislation such as the EU ETS, CRC and ESOS.