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The ESTA Energy Performance Contracting Group provides a dedicated trade body to support Energy Service Companies and associated service providers in the development and delivery of effective Energy Performance Contract projects. 

Energy Performance Contract definitioni: 

A contractual arrangement between the beneficiary and the provider of an energy efficiency improvement measure, verified and monitored during the whole term of the contract, where investments (work, supply or service) in that measure are paid for in relation to a contractually agreed level of energy efficiency improvement or other agreed energy performance criterion, such as financial savings. 


The group supports the effective, professional and transparent approach to managing Energy Performance Contract projects. 

Effective: achieving and maintaining significant energy and cost savings in an economically efficient manner. 

Professional: bringing together experienced service providers to achieve and maintain a good working relationship with customers. 

Transparent: providing clear and concise information about contractual arrangements and performance - both projected and verified actual - on a regular basis. 


The Group will have a have a credible voice in the market by virtue of a membership which represents the range of energy service companies and suppliers involved in EPC projects. The Group will strive 

- to identify barriers to EPC business and use the ESTA framework to lobby policymakers 

- to be able to share best practice, technical knowledge and support the assembly of consortia 

- to provide a hub of expertise to support clients with understanding and developing EPCs 


Identify a target list of potential members including up to 3 key members for the launch event 

Invite potential members to a high profile launch event at member’s meeting 26th November with presentations / discussions. Set out what we think the vision is. 

Develop vision statement / benefits to be able to sell the group to potential new members. 

- January meeting identify barriers / why should customers do EPCs / why do you need specialist facilitators 

Demonstrate the potential to other groups / specialism within their fields 

- KPI – 10 members 

- KPI – 75% of facilitator categories represented 

Chair, EPCG and Director, Native Hue

John Field

John Field has been at the heart of buildings engineering developments within the UK energy management sector for thirty years. He has worked in property sector energy procurement and health sector Energy Performance Contracting. He has advised private and public sector organisations on energy and cost reduction in areas ranging from environmental management systems to investment grade energy audits and energy project funding. He is president of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.

Vice Chair, EPCG and Energy Analyst, EEVS Insight Ltd

Nick Keegan

Nick Keegan is an expert in the field of building energy efficiency and energy performance contracting. A Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), his role at EEVS focusses on working with procuring authorities, funders and energy service companies to develop, operate and verify robust measurement and verification processes and contractual terms to govern the performance guarantees within EPCs. Nick also worked on the European Commission’s Transparense project, which researched barriers and success factors to EPC business that led to establishing the European Code of Conduct for EPC. He was involved in the development of the Scottish Government’s NDEE performance contracting framework and recently delivered M&V plans for the first pathfinder project to be procured under the scheme. Nick holds a Masters in Physics and solar PV from Imperial College, London and is a professional member of the Energy Institute.