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The IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol), developed by EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) is now widely recognised as the best practice approach to measurement and verification (M&V) for energy saving projects. IPMVP is extensively used and referenced globally, and is supported here in the UK by ESTA.


CMVP Courses

7-9 March 2017, Birmingham -

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Future Course Dates:

6-8 June 2017, London -
12-14 Sept 2017, London -
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Key Issues in Energy Efficiency 

Many of the commonly cited barriers to the uptake of energy efficiency projects are linked to uncertainty over savings performance and ambiguity in project outcomes:

Issues relating to... information (its provision and lack of trust) 

Uncertainty around the level of savings achieved 

Lack of information … may translate into underinvestment 

Standardised measurement and verification based on IPMVP is central to overcoming these barriers, through:

Defining a standardised framework for the implementation of good quality M&V.

Ensuring a transparent process.

Defining the term “saving” as avoided energy use.


Integrating M&V into an energy saving project brings standardisation and transparency, and certainty to the project outcome. It is increasingly recognised as a key way of boosting stakeholder confidence in energy efficiency projects, particularly where services are funded through the financial value of the savings achieved. For example, IPMVP-based M&V is widely used in Energy Performance Contracts – in the UK, the RE:FIT programme ( suggests the use of IPMVP to verify the savings achieved by energy services companies (ESCOs).

Delivery models

M&V activities may be carried out:

In-house by the ESCO – a service provider provides an M&V service alongside the delivery of energy saving products and services.

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In-house by the client (or ‘host’) – M&V can be integrated into a wider energy management system to ensure that projects are properly evaluated and success reported internally.

Independently – a third party, not affiliated to either supplier or client, provides an IPMVP adherent M&V service for a project, ensuring that the results are not affected by vested interests. This model is increasingly used for energy performance contracts and guaranteed savings schemes, particularly where external finance or investment is used.

Professional qualifications

A professional qualification in M&V – the ‘Certified Measurement & Verification Professional’ (CMVP) – is available. A CMVP is trained to design and implement M&V processes that meet the requirements of IPMVP, and must be able to demonstrate substantial experience in doing so. Qualified practitioners without the requisite experience may use the ‘in training’ variant (CMVP-IT).

All UK training courses and CMVP exams are facilitated by ESTA, as the UK affiliate of EVO.

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